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Sustainable Residential Design and Consultation


Petaluma, CA 94954


Forrest Glover Design providing sustainable interior design.  We proudly serve Sonoma, Marin, Napa counties and San Francisco since 2006.


Resource Efficiency

Preserving resources is second nature to our team.  We know from experience that style and comfort need not be compromised and are ultimately enhanced by efficient, sustainable design.

Forrest Glover Design strives to conserve natural resources by maximizing the use of recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged materials and minimizing job site waste.  They provide design solutions to reduce water and energy usage throughout the home.  Resource efficiency is addressed in all projects from home energy retrofits to interior design projects.  Other considerations in the green design approach include:

    •    Promote alternative clean energy sources
    •    Use recycled, reclaimed & salvaged materials
    •    Use only low VOC paints and finishes with little or no residual toxicity
    •    Provide natural material choices for fabrics and furnishings that don’t deplete the environment
    •    Reduce energy usage with appropriate appliances, maximized natural light, passive heating and cooling