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Studio Mondine

Forrest Glover

Amanda Luu and Ivanka Matsuba are the powerhouse behind the incredible Mondine Studios located in San Francisco, CA.  Together, they create timeless flower arrangements for weddings and editorials locally and internationally. Their arrangements are breathtakingly gorgeous, minimalistic, and elegant. Inspiration is found in the lushness of English Garden arrangements and the precision of Japanese ikebana. The floral designers stay versatile by adapting their designs to the changing seasons as they continue to challenge themselves creatively by seeking out the rarest ingredients and working with the finest flowers throughout the country.

We were lucky enough to be able to meet with Amanda at the San Francisco Flower Market to get a behind the scenes look at her design process from start to finish. We began our process by running around the flower market collecting different flowers based on size, texture and color. We chose a more rustic arrangements with elements or deep purple and green. Amanda was clearly a regular at the mart, with many of the workers eagerly greeting her upon arrival.

After we collected our ingredients, we took them back to Studio Mondine and started the creative process of composing our arrangements. We used chicken wire to create the space to insert the flowers in our vases.

“For this arrangement we had roses as our medium, marigold, and our hero, the mum flower. Pretty much every composition we pull feels something like this,” Amanda stated before starting her composition.

Upcoming Trends: Black Interiors

Forrest Glover

Black interiors are one of our favorite up and coming trends at Forrest Glover Design. Black interiors do something light interiors just can't which is captivating gorgeous contrast between furnishings and lighting to create that cohesive and sophisticated space in your home.

Our personal favorite interior design pairing is black walls combined with magenta furnishings and blonde wood. Adding a chandelier or beams will even further establish that extravagant atmosphere to compliment the darker color palette. 

Design inspiration for  Farrow & Ball

Design inspiration for Farrow & Ball

In the design above featured by Farrow and Ball, you can see how the black interiors are complimented by colorful furnishings and natural light. Contrary to popular belief, black interiors can truly enhance the warmth of your space. Even in a tight space, you can make your room look larger than life with the right design. Some rooms just want to be dark. Don't fight them. One of our favorite shades of black paint is Off Black by Farrow and Ball.

Design by  Substance

Design by Substance

This gorgeous design by Substance is featured in Hong Kong restaurant Paradis. The design of Paradis was inspired by the Haitian Goddess of the moon; Mawu. With this inspiration in mind, they found this beautiful wallpaper with minimalist detailing that enhances and ties together the space with the custom brass light and bathroom fixtures.

Design by  Studio Mondine

Design by Studio Mondine

We love this flower arrangement by our friends over at Studio Mondine. Black interiors elevate those gorgeous pastel flowers and sophisticated design. Pastels and black compliment one another extremely well. That being said, black looks good with practically everything, and you can become very creative when deciding on how to design your space with black.

Design fetured by  Remodelista

Design fetured by Remodelista

Once again in this design on Remodelista, we see how gorgeous this kitchen is due to the brass sink paired with dark interiors lined in glamorous brass paneling. We love this design for how simple yet sophisticated and high end it is.

Design by  Steven Gambrel

Design by Steven Gambrel

In this design above by Steven Gambrel, we see the gorgeous blonde wood we love so much again being paired so nicely with the high gloss beams on the ceiling. We love how unique and exquisite this room turned out to be with the perfect decor to compliment the interiors of this home.