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Interior Design Products We Love - Krista Hoffman Cabinet Hardware

Forrest Glover

I’m always happy to go anywhere solo if I can’t find anyone to come with, and I never miss the San Francisco Decorator showcase. When I got to the second floor of the showcase a couple of years ago, I saw this beautiful royal blue closet that just drew me in. The next thing I noticed was the designer, Krista Hoffman, had designed wooden shelving with glass panels so you could view all the features at the top of the small space, and the questions just started flowing. I could tell she was a little curious about me. During my first few years in interior design, vendors at the design center thought I was someone who just wandered into the showrooms out of curiosity. I guess I just don’t look or act the part of high-end designer. On this visit, I noticed the hardware and had to know where it came from.

San Francisco Decorators Showcase 2017

San Francisco Decorators Showcase 2017

Apparently, Krista was struggling to find interesting knobs to place on her cabinets for her design at the Showcase. Regardless of price, she came across nothing unique or interesting. That’s when Krista found inspiration to create her own interesting hardware. The metal-geometric pieces she crafted took her design to the next level and were a major hit at the Decorator showcase. They were such a success that she started selling them on her website and began dedicating her Mondays to crafting new interesting hardware with different metals, colors, and shapes available for purchase.

Since then, Krista and I have become good friends. Because I usually post where I am headed on Instagram, we have been able to have drinks at Casa Madres in West Hollywood and walk the ICFF furniture show in New York completely spur of the moment. I had never heard of the luxury furniture show, but I’m always game to check out new products and get to know someone I believe in so much on a greater level. Krista has also taken to time to personally give me a tour of the factory that fabricates the cabinet hardware she designs.

Custom metal cabinet pulls available at Hoffman Hardware.

She is currently working on a new collection of hammered hardware to further her line of perforated hardware. I’ve enjoyed watching her journey from luxury interior designer to product designer.

hoffman Hardware.jpg

Online Interior Design - 10Hancock Project

Forrest Glover

Turning a design dream into a reality doesn’t happen overnight, luckily at Forrest Glover Design we help our clients build luxurious spaces from the comfort of their homes in an organized and quick online design process.

One of our L.A clients turned to our online design process with goals of updating his outdated carpets, remove a wall of mirrors, add a fresh coat of paint to walls, update lighting fixtures and add new furniture to his living space. We had him fill out a questionnaire so we really got a sense of our client’s design style.

The next step for our client was to send us a quick sketch of his space with accurate measurements and photos so we could start the technical and creative process of updating his space.

We then took the ropes and drafted a floor plan as well as a 3D rendering with the wants and needs of the client in mind. After, we collaborated with the client on an inspiration board on Pinterest to ensure our client remains apart of the design process at every step.

Inspiration photos below are from various sources and designers including John K. Anderson and Jay Jeffers.

The final result was exactly what our client envisioned, a luxurious yet inviting space for guests to enjoy.

Work in Progress – Apothecarium Howard Street – Urban Chalet

Forrest Glover

Urban Chalet is currently working on the design and installation of a new Apothecarium on Howard Street. Architectural Digest ranked their Apothecarium on Market Street in San Francisco as the best designed cannabis dispensary in the country. With the marijuana industry on the rise, especially in California, we break down why their design formula works so well.

Urban Chalet’s CEO, Angela Sarmiento, started her interior design business in mostly residential areas, but in recent years has made a huge impact in the boutique medical design. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to create unique medical experiences that are as beautiful as they are healing.

We are excited to see the finished interior design project for the Apothecarium – Howard Street, but let’s take a sneak peek at some of the design renderings and installation photos. This blog post will continue to be updated as the make progress on the project.

Current Obsessions: Curated Minimalism

Forrest Glover

Living room design by Joseph Dirand Architecture

I believe it began with the recession, everyone had to pare down their life and somehow it was freeing. I did it a few years later when I moved from my 4000 square foot house to a home that measured just over 400 square feet. I got rid of everything I had and bought a bed, a dresser, an antique- china cabinet used as a food pantry, a sectional, and a kitchen table. Only having to purchase five major pieces of furniture, I was able to be thoughtful and purchase higher quality pieces.

The space was sparse but felt more like home than any place I had lived before. I have since moved to a home that is nearly twice the size since I work from home, but I continue to live in a more minimal way. I have become more patient in the process. I still live without a coffee table because I’m waiting for the right one to come along. My home is easier to clean without as much stuff to clean around. I’ve filled my home with items and colors I love, and my favorite compliment from visitors is, “I had no idea you would live so simply.”

Tips for creating an interior design based on Curated Minimalism:

·      Downsize and declutter the items you have in your home. Be brutal with the editing of your home design. If it’s not beautiful, meaningful, or useful (hopefully all three) get it out of there.

·      Have a plan for the redesign. Make a list of all the items you are keeping, create a floor plan of the new design, and create a list of the new furniture pieces and accessories you need to find.

·      Buy fewer high-quality replacements and be patient when acquiring new pieces. It’s easy to fill your space with cheap décor, but I find it more rewarding to fill your home with accessories from your travels, well-built furniture that will last for years, and art that really speaks to you.

·      Hire help if you need help with decluttering your space, furniture and space planning, or art purchasing advice.