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Troye Sivan lays it all out there in latest album: Bloom

Forrest Glover


Troye Sivan spills his heart out in his most personal album yet, Bloom. Diving in deep, Sivan reaches listeners with raw and transparent lyrics that reflect his story. Bloom showcases his multidimensionality with love songs like Oh My My My!, Bloom, and Dance to This, which are full of upbeat dance anthems. Postcard and Seventeen are moodier melodies and dive into tougher topics. Common themes throughout his  album include being in love, sex, and vulnerability.

In an interview with Variety, Sivan discusses the importance of celebrating his story as a gay man and creating an album for the LGBTQ community. He touches on how, when growing up, he never had music to connect with his gay identity. Throughout the album, Sivan recreates feelings of being in love, uncomfortable sexual encounters when he was younger,  and the pain of unreciprocated feelings. Evidently, Sivan lays it all out there, and, as a result, creates a complex, yet effortless pop album that is the perfect balance of deep emotions and lighthearted fun. Following artists like Florence and the Machine and Lady Gaga, transparency is the key ingredient to pop success in 2018. You can catch Troye on his tour this fall starting in late September.