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Work in Progress – Apothecarium Howard Street – Urban Chalet

Forrest Glover

Urban Chalet is currently working on the design and installation of a new Apothecarium on Howard Street. Architectural Digest ranked their Apothecarium on Market Street in San Francisco as the best designed cannabis dispensary in the country. With the marijuana industry on the rise, especially in California, we break down why their design formula works so well.

Urban Chalet’s CEO, Angela Sarmiento, started her interior design business in mostly residential areas, but in recent years has made a huge impact in the boutique medical design. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to create unique medical experiences that are as beautiful as they are healing.

We are excited to see the finished interior design project for the Apothecarium – Howard Street, but let’s take a sneak peek at some of the design renderings and installation photos. This blog post will continue to be updated as the make progress on the project.