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Current Obsessions: Curated Minimalism

Forrest Glover

Living room design by Joseph Dirand Architecture

I believe it began with the recession, everyone had to pare down their life and somehow it was freeing. I did it a few years later when I moved from my 4000 square foot house to a home that measured just over 400 square feet. I got rid of everything I had and bought a bed, a dresser, an antique- china cabinet used as a food pantry, a sectional, and a kitchen table. Only having to purchase five major pieces of furniture, I was able to be thoughtful and purchase higher quality pieces.

The space was sparse but felt more like home than any place I had lived before. I have since moved to a home that is nearly twice the size since I work from home, but I continue to live in a more minimal way. I have become more patient in the process. I still live without a coffee table because I’m waiting for the right one to come along. My home is easier to clean without as much stuff to clean around. I’ve filled my home with items and colors I love, and my favorite compliment from visitors is, “I had no idea you would live so simply.”

Tips for creating an interior design based on Curated Minimalism:

·      Downsize and declutter the items you have in your home. Be brutal with the editing of your home design. If it’s not beautiful, meaningful, or useful (hopefully all three) get it out of there.

·      Have a plan for the redesign. Make a list of all the items you are keeping, create a floor plan of the new design, and create a list of the new furniture pieces and accessories you need to find.

·      Buy fewer high-quality replacements and be patient when acquiring new pieces. It’s easy to fill your space with cheap décor, but I find it more rewarding to fill your home with accessories from your travels, well-built furniture that will last for years, and art that really speaks to you.

·      Hire help if you need help with decluttering your space, furniture and space planning, or art purchasing advice.